About Xime

Live fully, always overcoming to become more.


Hi, my name is Xime, a proud working mama of two girls and wife to an amazing and always supportive husband. Life is never calm. The housework drives me crazy and I’m always seeking to feel balanced amongst kids’ activities, drop off’s, pickups, cooking, never-ending washing, classes, meetings, workshops: these are a small part of my endless list of blessings.

I am now very proud of my life and all that I have created. Life has not always been easy….long story, but, I have to say, I have always lived it to the fullest! Made thousands of mistakes that I now know where all successes, as they all led me to where I am now!
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been curios about human potential and how we operate as people.

I’ve always known happiness could be achieved!!!

I didn’t understand why only a few people obtained it. Through the years I have discovered that the secret to happiness lies in your individuality, what makes you truly you. We all exist to succeed with our individual purpose of being. I struggled for many years because I wanted to fit in. I didn’t know who I really was..... never fitting into the box, wanting to be liked and accepted and tried so many different things that made me feel like I wasn’t good at anything. After several failed attempts at corporate jobs and a lot of angst trying to choose just one thing to be in life, I realised that my unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength, not a liability, and that was my gift to the Universe.

After having gotten in touch with my unicity and all I was my life started to unfold in a way that felt good to me and I began to expand in all I wanted to become. I've now arrived at a point where I'm in love with my own reality but it's taken an immense amount of inner work to get here. I'm so grateful for my journey and every step of it, people tell me a lot, ohhh you are lucky, I don’t believe I am, I worked and dived deep into myself and I push myself every day to continue to have the life I want! I live in alignment with my values, I surround myself with positive and empowering people, I am confident inside my body, I don’t want to be anyone else!

I am fully committed to my work because it is deeply fulfilling.

I can finally say I feel blessed to be uniquely me, and the power of what I do lies into all I learned in my journey and it is a great privilege to support people on the journey of their own transformation.

As a mindset and life coach all the work I do is based on helping you move towards realising your unlimited potential and creating YOUR life. We have within our reach; all we need to make significant changes in our lives. All starts with you and the choices you make. You behave consistently with your beliefs, so if your beliefs are not supporting the life you want to create, you won’t be able to ever achieve it, I help you develop a strong and supportive mindset so move towards your dreams... My main goal when meeting my clients is for them to discover their uniqueness, as this is our greatest superpower, and when we finally understand that we stop trying to fit into a box and we start tapping into our unique potential.

My passions are brain research, mind-body connection, high performance, metaphysics, epigenetics and neuroplasticity, my family, having a healthy life, and living it to the fullest, I am forever growing, doing my best, learning more and more so I can share more.

Each person in this world is unique and each of us has a special purpose. Mine is helping you to find and believe in yours, as only through that purpose you can find fulfilment. I work on removing mental and emotional obstacles that prevent you from achieving the life you desire. My company exist to serve you. Through my one on one sessions, in person or via Zoom, my tailored life-changing programs to my workshops and retreats I am here to make a significant difference in your life. A life that is one of a kind, unique and that should be tailored for you.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. And, I’d love to learn more about you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.

With all my love.


Choose and create your life!!!

Phone: +64 022 087 2808

Email: Xime.teat@gmail.com