Habits to cultivate to create a strong mindset

On my previous blog I talk about mindset and how important it is to cultivate certain habits that will enable you to create a life full of purpose and fulfilment.

Clarity: The seek of clarity is in my opinion the number one habit you want to cultivate. Who you are and who do you want to be, how you want to live your life and what is important for you. We tend to blame everyone around us for how our lives turned out and we hardly ever stop to look at ourselves and how we have an impact on everything we do. We can choose who to be, how to respond and interact with others how to serve and have an impact in the world, we have a choice but we don’t ever use it. This practice promotes the biggest power we have as humans, our freedom of choice. Choose how do you want to show up every day!

Presence: Your ability to live in the moment to indulge in the beauty of each moment, each conversation, each interaction without letting your mind wonder into the past or future. What is the point of living by memories or the past or anticipation of future events? Don’t get me wrong memory is a gift and its great to remember beautiful things about our life but not when we are
missing out on what is in front of us. Also there is nothing wrong on feeling excited for an event or a special occasion we have in the future but not when we compromise the joy of what is right in front of us.

Power of intention: The power of intention gives you choice and freedom in your life. Your actions are based upon your desires rather than life circumstances. When you set intentions you have direction, you know where you are going. Your intentions are not a list of things to do, your intentions are the goals of your soul and when you are clear on what those are, focus and consistent
in your actions you can manifest anything you want.

Recognising though patterns: I believe this habit is related with your ability to be present and you can develop this habit through mindfulness. If you are present, you can identify your thoughts, you can see the activity in your mind. When you are present you have choice, you can choose your thoughts, you can let go of any thoughts that don’t serve your purpose and choose thoughts that
support the life you want to create and the person you want to be.

Mindfulness & Meditation: These practises have so many benefits that I will be here all day if I was to list them. We all know this is good for us, for our overall wellbeing. I personally use it for different things, and a few of my favourites are: Stilling my mind so I can find space, introspection so I can recognise the way I am showing up in the world, visualization so I can feel in my body an event ahead; transitions so I can move from one doing to another one with ease.

Mentors & coaches: I can’t talk enough on how important it is to ask for help when you need it. There are people out there that know things you know, that can also offer you a different perspective, advice and support you when you need to be heard. I believe we can’t be everything for everyone so get someone really good at what they do and asked them to help you get great at what
you do.

Physical activity: I talked a lot about movement and how important it is to manage your state and your emotions. Emotion comes from motion, and movement makes you feel alive, energised, helps to boost my metabolism and to release tension and it works every time. We have been design to move and with the way we work these days we spend too much time on our chairs or in our cars
with little time left for physical activity.

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