What you are looking for is in what you are avoiding; Resistance vs Fear

We all have things we want to do, create, or be. Regardless of what our desires are, making them a reality requires that we overcome what we resist which isn’t easy.

If we want to improve, grow, become more and evolve, identifying, naming and making peace with our fears and specially recognising that most of what we are ‘’scared off’’ is an illusion of the mind can reduce the likelihood they’ll control your behaviour, we have the ability to transform fear into resistant which is much easier to overcome.

There is no progress without a certain level of pressure and resistance, resistance pushes us out of our comfort zone and makes us uncomfortable so we have to move. Remember a lot of human action is trigger by human dissatisfaction.

I am sure you can relate with the feeling in your stomach, a soft burning urge, a constant unease, combined with guilt and dissatisfaction. There is a force within each of us that expresses itself and urges you to grow into your best self. I like to think of this as Resistance.

I feel it every time I’m about to create something new, or take an important step towards my purpose. It helped me hugely to see this as resistance rather than fear. Fear paralysed you. It pulls you down and keeps you stuck, never allowing you to feel prepared enough to move into uncertainty and follow your purpose.

Replace the fear with resistance as this won’t discourage you from taking action. Instead of letting it hold you back, see it as an internal force that is creating necessity. Embrace it, feel it, and move forward.

How often do you think you are feeling fear rather than resistance?

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