If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.” T Harv Eker

Live online trainings:

My 1:1 and group trainings offer rich experiences with the same high-quality instruction of my in-person trainings. Start the journey to your wellbeing with these workshops below:

Goal setting and Vision

Identify your true innermost goals and create an unshakeable roadmap for achieving them. Learn scientifically proven strategies to easily achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible. Regardless of which area in your life you want to improve, this program will create breakthroughs for you in your health and fitness, in relationships and in your personal growth

Three weeks; 60 min session each week in person or via zoom.

Resources: Includes worksheets and life vision meditation

Your investment: $460

Mastering My life workshop

This workshop will cover the mayor areas in your life and will give you all the tools you need to master each area and have an overall understanding on what your life looks like and where you want to head. You can pick one area at a time, pick and choose or get the full
combo, see the areas below!

Your investment: $999

From Lack to contentment

We have a tendency to blame everything (or everyone) around us for the fact that we aren’t content with our current situations. But truth be told, a lack of contentment has nothing to do with the people around us or our circumstances. Contentment and Joy is
a state of being that can be generated on demand. Join this two-week program to understand how to move away from limitation and lack into a state of joy and appreciating.

Two-week program, 60 min session each week in person or via zoom

Resources: Includes worksheets and a gratitude Journal.

Your investment: $330

De-escalating stress

The experience of stress is a topic that everyone can relate to. We all experience stress from time to time, many of us experience it frequently. 10 of millions of people have stress related illnesses, fatigue, body pain and sleep problems.

Stress is a result from being: Overwhelmed, Overcommitted, Pulled in different directions, information overload, TOO MUCH ON, Especially excessive worry. We feel stress when we are lacking balance. Your physical and mental wellbeing is affected by the way you think and feel. This program will give you all the tools to de escalate and manage your stress levels and start to re wire your brain.

Two-week program, 4 sessions 30 min each in person or via zoom.

Resources: Includes a meditation on stress release

Your investment: $320

Understanding Identity, time to discover yourself!

This is a workshop focus on introspection. We need to be able to harness who we really are and get to understand our identity fully so we can master our potential. We all have unique gifts and talents, different shapes, tastes and passions. This course will give you a great insight on YOU! We can’t choose what is right for us if we don’t know who we really are and aren’t clear on the things that excites us and lights us up. Most of the time our actions are control by who we ‘’think’’ we are, we act on conditioning, habits and by our past but we all change and evolve so it’s time to update who we think we are and know who we are. This workshop will give you that and much more!!

Three-week program, 3 sessions 30 min each in person or via zoom.

Resources: Includes worksheets, meditation on introspection and yoga class.

Your investment: $250

Understanding Purpose

Your purpose is your driving force, a strong purpose has the power to transform a dream into a possibility, your purpose is what keeps you excited, is that aliveness within you that can push against any adversity. Your purpose is fully aligned with who you truly are. Finding your Life Purpose means that you feel good with the way that you are situated in the world and your actions in it have a sense of meaning to you. You can only be fulfilled if you are living your life with purpose.

Three-week program, 3 sessions 30 min each in person or via zoom.

Resources: Includes worksheets, meditation on purpose.

Your investment: $250

Understanding love & Relationships

We are social creatures and we are here to relate with others, and one of our basic needs to survive is connection and love. In this workshop, you will get great insight on understanding which relationships contribute positively to your life and which ones drain you. You’ll learn what actions you can take to strengthen your most important relationships and what you can do to let unhealthy relationships go. Relationships change as we change and they take energy and care and a lot of your relationships will determine how happy you are as they are directly connected to your heart. A very important area of your life and a great chanceto put some though and energy.

Three-week program, 3 sessions 30 min each in person or via zoom.

Resources: Includes worksheets, meditation on gratitude.

Your investment: $250

Understanding Career & finance

What do you want to be when you grow up? When was the last time you asked yourself that question? The whole purpose of this ‘’Master your life workshop’’ is for you to choose who you want to be and how you want to live your life. Your career and your financial
freedom play a great role on your overall life and in a world filled with options and opportunities you have a wide range of choices you can make to live in alignment with your purpose. This workshop will give you insight and direction on where to next and a deep
understanding on your relationship with money.

Three-week program, 3 sessions 30 min each in person or via zoom.

Resources: Includes worksheets, visualization exercise video.

Your investment: $250

Understanding Health & fitness

This area in your life is normally up and down, for most hard to stay consistent. There is no ‘one size fits all’ recipe, there is no ‘one right diet’ that works for all of us. And the reason…. we are all different. We have different beliefs, different needs and interests, and different desires. This process is hugely important as there is not a single aspect of your life that your physical health does not affect and without your health you have nothing.

Three-week program, 3 sessions 30 min each in person or via zoom.

Resources: Includes worksheets, Visualization exercise video, yoga and Pilates class.

Your investment: $250

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