Shifting from a weak state of mind to a strong state of mind

The way we behave does not define how mentally strong we are, as the state of our mind can be shifted at any point in time. The aim of this blog is for us to identify where we spend most of our time.

I would suggest to avoid the labelling of ‘I am weak minded’ or ‘I am strong minded’. As I said, this can be changed at any time and is all in your hands. Labels are not helpful, however recognising the state you live in is. A state is just a state, it can be temporary or it can last a while. So instead of identifying yourself as weak minded, replace it with ‘I have weak moments’. Recognise what is
holding you back, the tricks your mind plays on you and slowly shift from those moments to start cultivating a strong state of mind that can create lasting change.

When you live in a strong state of mind, you can handle the ups and downs that life throws at you. When you have weak moments too often or you are ruled by a limited mind, you're vulnerable to making bad decisions due to fear, lack of certainty and lack of control then you are a victim of the environment and live-in autopilot mode.

To develop a strong state of mind it is important to start to cultivate strong habits that are going to support you throughout your life. By cultivating those habits, you start to build a powerful mindset that will lead to personal and professional growth. A strong mindset is open to possibilities, can see the opportunities in any given situation and is in charge of your life.

Learning to build a strong mindset is crucial as you encounter changes in the economy and the environment. It is a strong mindset that will get you through the challenges you will face in your lives.

True strength of mind comes from a combination of awareness, focus, resilience and adaptability.

On my next blog I talk about the habits that is important to cultivate to develop a strong mindset

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