Wellbeing coaching

Whether your challenges relate to your health and fitness, relationships, finances, career or self-esteem or you simply wish to use the techniques to move beyond any limiting mindset that have been holding you back, my approach to wellbeing will allow you to attain
fulfilment in all areas of your life.

I empower you to empower yourself

My work will support you in becoming all you can be and want to be. Each session is transformational. Your growth will show and your mindset will expand, assisting you into shaping your life in the direction you want it to take. Bouncing back is not an option. The
growth is steady and stable and my formulas work.

If you are wanting DEEP life transformation one on one coaching is the best option, if you want to have a taste of what your life could look like you can join one of my upcoming in person events or workshops.

Get in touch for one on one coaching in person or virtual.

I am here to guide you, support you and help you grow into all you want to be!

My unique programme has helped people from around the world get unstuck and move towards their unlimited potential to create everything they want from themselves because they realised it is all in our minds and we, only we hold ourselves back.

Intensive transformational program, 5 Months 1:1

Life changing program!

Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, unsatisfied, tired of playing small and you know there is more to life that what you are living? Read more.

A deeply transformative and empowering program for people who are committed and ready for more! I designed this program so you can see the change you want to see and step right into an extraordinary life. If you are in a state of desperation or aspiration for more, this program is for you. You will gain clarity on who you are and want to become, on what it holding you back and how to get unstuck. We will create a crystal-clear vision for the life you fully desire and we will implement all the strategies to take you there while stepping outside of your comfort zone without fear, identifying your purpose, what drives you and excites you! You will finish this program feeling fulfilled and in control of your life, ready to reach your full potential.

What will you get?

  • Real life assignments, tasks, meditations, worksheet etc.
  • Session notes and resources
  • Whatsapp or Email support in-between sessions
  • Special deals to join retreats and events
  • Support tailored to you

3 Months 1:1 program

My growth journey begins now

Feeling insecure, unworthy with low energy, a bit lost with your life? Read more

We will meet once a week personally or via zoom for 45 to 60 min and by the end of these 3 months you will gain clarity of who you are and want to be, what drives you and fulfils you, what is holding you back from the life you want to create and how to overcome limiting
beliefs that don’t serve you. I will teach you how to master your mindset and work with it rather than against it. You will finish this program feeling in control of your personal reality and ready to live confidently and unapologetically.

What will you get?

  • Real life assignments, tasks, meditations, worksheet etc.
  • Session notes and resources
  • Support tailored to you

Phone: +64 022 087 2808

Email: Xime.teat@gmail.com